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    Digital transformation – what's in it for the grid?

    Digital transformation enabled by EcoStruxure Grid helps electricity companies optimize efficiency, improve reliability and accelerate the transition toward renewable energy. Not convinced? See the concrete evidence from our customer case studies.

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    Report: Electricity companies’ outlook

    极速快三注册开户Unlock the potential of the digital grid. Our new report discusses the latest trends and innovative solutions with the power to change the game for electricity companies and smart grids, including renewable energy management, IoT, and prosumers.

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    EcoStruxure™ Grid

    From seamless local production and integration at the grid edge to bridging demand and supply, EcoStruxure Grid increases your grid’s efficiency for sustainable networks.

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    Watch our utilities partners talk innovation

    • NTU’s Amit Pathare

      Due to growth in renewable energy sources, microgrid technology is becoming an essential investment for managing the grids of the future.

    • Engie Indonesia’s Christophe Comte

      极速快三注册开户Energy is fundamental to everyday human life but not everyone has this right. What can corporations do to improve energy access?

    • SA Power Networks' Mark Vincent

      Imagine a future where households are powering the whole network. This could be a reality in South Australia where distributed energy generation is creating exciting opportunities.

    Eco-environmentally friendly green energy of sustainable development of solar power plant with Shanghai skyline.

    Contribute to a low-carbon future

    Electricity companies need to apply modern strategies for leveraging smart grid and microgrid tools, as well as more environmentally-friendly, smart switchgear, and a circular economy approach, to help them meet and exceed regulatory targets toward a low-carbon future. Get the white paper
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    Energy facts and trends

    • 75 billion IoT-connected devices by 2025
    • 58% Rise in global energy demand by 2040
    • 72% Decrease in price of solar power since 2009
    • The future of energy is here Digitization, Decentralization and Decarbonization, are reshaping how we generate, transport, distribute and consume electricity. More from our Chief Strategy Officer, Emmanuel Lagarrigue’s Bloomberg interview; “Future of Energy Summit.”
    • Embrace the change Electric distribution grids are no longer a one-way street. Today, prosumers and renewable energy sources are challenging traditional supply and demand systems. How can electricity companies adapt?
    • Thermal power, power lines and beautiful sunset
      Digital substation Our solution combines interoperability, cybersecurity and connectivity, leveraging IoT to make inform smart grid operators by collecting real-time information from the field to the enterprise level for asset management. > Get more details
    • Smart grids to reach their potential
      EcoStruxure for Electricity Companies Smart utilities increasingly embrace intelligent solutions, new business models and new customer services to grow beyond energy sales. Discover our wide portfolio of offers enabling their transformation. > Discover how

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